Hello and welcome to my little home here on the web, thank you for stopping by!

In the Nude was created to capture all the things I love in life. My posts will mainly be documenting my adventures, eating (a lot!) and obsessing a bit too much over make up and clothes.

Why in the Nude?
Before anyone gets a little too excited, this is not a saucy blog containing any X-rated images! “In the nude” is rhyming cockney slang for food.

About Me:
I moved to London just over a year ago from the countryside to start a University course. I have massively enjoyed exploring the city, the opportunities that come with it and of course all that the nightlife it has to offer.

Social Media:
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Please feel free to comment below and let me know something about yourself too, it’s always great to here from fellow bloggers!


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To the Smoke


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