So it may be November and some might say that it’s a little too early to whip out the tinsel however, for me Christmas can never come early enough. There’s something about Christmas that means enjoying the small things in life, having time off work, sitting by open fires, drinking hot chocolates with friends and watching Love Actually for the 100th time.

To get us into the festive spirit PANDORA hosted a gingerbread house making party at the Ivy Marketgrill complete with Kir Royals and the ultimate Christmas playlist. The event was to celebrate the launch of their new range of gifts for the holiday season, capturing all of the best aspects of the season in a classic style.  My personal favourite are the Ice Stud earrings which are so easy to style with any outfit and I haven’t stopped wearing mine since the event.

PANDORA Christmas gift

PANDORA Christmas gift PANDORA Christmas gift

The venue was decked out with wreaths, candles, fairy lights and we shared our Christmas plans over some champagne. Then the challenge of gingerbread house decorating began. For those of you who remember I’ve previously attempted cake decorating and this wasn’t any easier! Thankfully, we had an expert instructor, plenty of glitter,icing and sprinkles which in any combination would have looked amazing.  My gingerbread house didn’t collapse and it was eaten by friends within a week so I’m calling it a success.

PANDORA Christmas gift

I left the event with that warm cozy Christmas spirit looking forward to spending time with family, choosing gifts and heading back to the countryside. Hopefully this post has you pining the holiday season and has given you some gifts and decor inspiration.