Wagamama Noodle Lab

Prior to turning vegetarian and now vegan for veganuary I’ve always loved visiting Wagamamas. You always know what you are getting when heading to Wagamama’s and its an easy option when heading out with groups as there is something on the menu to please everyone. Undoubtedly, the Wagamama katsu curry is a staple whether you opt for the vegetarian version or traditional chicken. After reading vegan bloggers raving about the vegan katsu curry at Wagamama’s I decided to head to their tasting lab to give the vegan options a try myself.

Wagamama Noodle Lab:

Unfortunately the noodle lab is only currently available in London on Soho’s Dean Street. This unique Wagamamas lets you test new dishes that the Wagamama’s team have created. The menu changes every two-three months and includes new selections of starters, mains, desserts and drinks. The menu is available online so you can check what is on offer before venturing over and they always serve some of the traditional Wagamama’s dishes for those who aren’t feeling adventurous.

Firstly, I opted for the Nix and Kix cucumber and mint drink. The drinks contain a kick of chili or cayenne pepper for a caffeine free healthy boost. Having done my research they also sell their drinks in Waitrose and Ocado for anyone who wants to give them a try.

Vegan Katsu/Vegatsu:

The main reason we headed to the noodle lab was to try the new vegan options particularly the vegatsu after hearing so much hype. Thankfully it lived up to its praises. I honestly couldn’t taste any difference between the vegatsu sauce and the regular katsu curry sauce. Vegatsu includes seitan that is covered in japanese breadcrumbs, for those non-vegans seitan is a high protein meat substitute made from wheat. Served with sticky rice and a side salad I’d recommend it to vegans and non-vegans alike. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Wagamama’s roll it out across all their stores.

vegatsu waggamama vegan waggamama

Starters and Sides:

We opted to try the vegan steamed buns, the hirata buns are filled with mushrooms and panko aubergine. These fluffy buns are delicious and the perfect amount to have has a side or starter. We ordered some of the wok-fried greens seasoned with garlic and soy-sauce. The greens are perfect for getting your veggie fix.

vegan buns


Following our mains we wanted to try one of the desserts. The vegan testing dessert was the mango and matcha millefeuille which tasted as incredible as it looked. The dessert is served with a passionfruit puree and includes layers of matcha cream, vanilla sponge and yuzu cream.

vegan dessert wagamama vegan wagamama

Whilst these items are on the testing menu Wagamama has plenty of vegan options that they serve in all of their restaurants which can be found here. Overall, I loved all of the items I tried on the tasting menu. I can’t recommend the vegan katsu enough. Let me know if you take a trip to the noodle bar or try any of their vegan options!


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