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At the end of August I shared my tips for travelling Rome as part of the “Travel Italy” series. This post is all about beautiful Sorrento, my favourite place I’ve visiting in Italy so far. Apart from being a bloggers paradise, Sorrento is a hub of culture, relaxation and stunning scenery.


We stayed in an AirBnB villa complete with a balcony to enjoy the sunshine and garden courtyard to enjoy traditional breakfast in. I managed to put some of my limited Italian to the test when ordering our breakfast and thankfully we didn’t end up with anything I hadn’t intended to order!

In Sorrento itself there are plenty of amazing places to eat and drink in the evenings. It is the ideal base for exploring the Amalfi coast. Be sure to try some of the limoncello and visit the local farms where it is produced!

sorrento ootd sorrento airbnb aperol sorrento sorrento lemon

Bagni della Regina Giovanna

Once we’d arrived we enjoyed an aperol spritz on the balcony (they come ready prepared in bottles in Italy!).  We headed down to Bagni della Regina Giovanna which translates to the Baths of Queen Joan. This is the ultimate mermaids lagoon with bright clear waters at the end of a stroll among lemon trees. As it is off the beaten track the lagoon is quiet and peaceful. There is plenty to explore around the lagoon with rocks to sunbath on and watch the sailing boats. There is a single cafe right at the end of your walk along the coast but otherwise there are no vendors so I’d make sure you pack plenty of water.

regina giovanna


Walk of the Gods and Positano

Not exactly for the faint-hearted but the Walk of the Gods is well worth it for the views on your walk. We got a coach over to Amalfi. Many of the roads had been closed off due to bush fires in the area so it was long journey from Sorrento. Be mindful that the coaches during peak summer periods can be very busy so arrive early to get a seat, also be sure to pack your travel sickness tablets as the roads are particularly bendy. Amalfi as an abundance of cafes to sit in and the church is stunning as well. From there you can catch the sita bus to Bomerano to start the Walk of the Gods. After hours of walking it takes you to the beautiful picturesque Positano. Positano has millions of photo opportunities, boutique shops and is the ideal place to watch the sunset.

Amalfi church

walk of the gods view

walk of the gods view positano just joelle


I’d recommend booking a tour to visit Pompeii. Whilst it is possible to go it alone unless you are an expert on ancient history a knowledgeable guide makes the experience. Pompeii itself is huge with and vast with limited shade so be sure to pack a sunhat. Some tours include a trip up to the active volcano Mount Vesuvius, however, because of the forest fires this was not on the agenda during our visit.

Mount Vesuvius pompeii statue pompeii garden

sorrento pompeii

Are there any places you’d recommend in Sorrento or is it on your to-visit list for 2018? I’d love to hear from you!


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