New Year, New You? My Past Year and New Year Goals

New Year, New You?

With 2017 behind us it’s a time to reflect on achievements made over the past year and look forward to fresh starts and new beginnings. It’s so easy to belittle your achievements by comparing them to those around you. Remember that “highlights” of the year show just that and don’t accurately portray the ups and downs in life. Behind accomplishments are hard work, commitment and failures so bare this is mind when setting your goals for the New Year.

Blogging and Just Joelle:

In 2017 I entered the blogging world and it’s the anniversary of Just Joelle. From questioning the opinions of others to feeling anxious heading to an event by myself it’s been a learning process. I’ve developed my photography, networking, writing skills and coding since then. Some of my favourite moments have been seeing Blue in concert, attempting cake baking with Chetna from GBBO, attending the ladies day at the races and documenting my trip to Italy. Heading into 2018 I‘m excited to see what the year will bring for my blogging endeavors and what adventures it will bring.

edible flower chetna

Vegetarian and Veganuary:

In August I became vegetarian. I’ve given up meat in the past and been vegetarian successfully for years but slipped back into old ways. I’m starting the year vegan for veganuary, posts about this to follow soon! So far, so good. Being vegan has forced me to try out new recipes, plan my meals and try-out vegan hotspots around London.




During the past year I finally got to travel around Italy, something I’ve always wanted to do but have never got around to. I’ve been attempting to learn Italian ever since with Duolingo and hopefully by next year I’ll have a better grasp on a foreign language. Over the summer I’ll be roaming around Sri Lanka for the first time. I’ve travelled around a lot of Asia and always loved the scenery, food and culture. I’ll be documenting my travels on the blog and on my Instagram so keep an eye out for this in the future. If you’ve ever visited please send me your suggestions!


What are your favourite moments from 2017 and what are you hopes for the upcoming year?





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