The Procrastination Challenge and Achieving a Goal

goal achieve and stop procrastinating


Just in case you missed it, last week Monach Airlines set me the challenge of giving up a regular activity in a bid to beat procrastination and achieve a goal. The aim was to make a start on doing something I’d always wanted to do. Have a read of my initial post here. This is how I got on.

The Goal:

My aim was to cut down on the number of films I watched in the evening whilst at home over the summer. Instead, I wanted to use the time to work on a novel that I’ve always wanted to write. Surprisingly, I struggled a lot more than I thought I would. Usually if I’m revising I find it quite easy to cut out distractions. Where there is a clear deadline and consequence to not revising there isn’t much option . However, it was so hard to cut out something I enjoyed in the short term to achieve something I wanted in the long run.

I might have lapsed a few times and watched more than one movie over the summer (oops)! That being said, I did reach some minor milestones regarding my novel. I swapped watching mindless TV for reading inspirational books or listening to audiobooks.  I finally got around to reading “A Cuckoo’s Calling” which I’ve loved so far.

In terms of my own writing, I’ve now finished chapter one and made a start on the second chapter. I’m fairly indecisive so it’s likely it will completely change by the time it’s finished but it is still progress!

Overall, I’ve been surprised by how much free time I was taking for granted and not actually putting to good use. I’m aiming to continue to set aside sometime at least once a week to continue writing. Although, no doubt it will get harder to juggle alongside university, work and the blog. Hopefully you’ve been inspired by the challenge. Let me know if you decide to set your own goal and what you want to cut down on to make time.




    • Just Joelle
      August 29, 2017 / 1:01 pm

      Thanks Ruby! It’s very much a work in progress but really enjoying it so far! X

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