Welcome! This post marks the first in my series “Travel Italy” and where else to start other than a Rome guide. Having loved Italian food and culture for so long it’s obscene that this was my first time visiting the country. Last year we visited Paris but this summer Patrick and I headed out to Italy for just under two weeks to indulge in pizza, wine and some much needed sunshine.


rome steps

Having flown into Rome we stayed at a centrally located Airbnb with a dream host. I find Airbnb gives you the chance to avoid the typical tourist hotspots and get to experience how the locals live. Our host introduced us to traditional Italian breakfast, espresso drunk at the bar accompanied with incredible pastries.

rome guide steps

We wondered down to the infamous Colosseum which was bustling with tourists. We decided to just appreciate it from the outside rather than going inside to avoid the long queues. As predicted the main sights such as the famous fountain are hectic and full of tourists. Of course it wouldn’t be a visit to Rome without seeing them but the areas are best avoided if you want to avoid the chaos.

rome colosseum

travel rome rome fountain

My favourite place in Rome has to be the Old Town, with endless authentic streets and dozens of bars, it’s the ideal place to visit for aperitivo drinks. When in Rome, it would be wrong not to indulge in some aperol spritz, olives and focaccia before dinner. We visited a quintessential Italian restaurant in the old town complete with traditional music. Running alongside the river there is also a pop-up market that serves drinks, snacks as well as selling various things. It’s the perfect location to go for a stroll in the evening.

rome guide old town rome bridge

No matter where you are in Italy you can eat late into the evening, making the most of the night life. Be sure to tick off all of the Italian classics such as pizza, pasta, risotto and fresh bread with olive oil.


Italian Cookery School:

Whilst we were in Rome we decided to go to a cookery class, Once in Rome. We wanted to learn the top tips of making the perfect pizza. The cookery class was based on a farm outside of Rome. We cooked outside making the most of the Italian sunshine. First up we created our own pizzas and had a go at using the pizza oven. Thankfully our chef for the day, Giuseppe was to hand as my attempt at using the pizza peel was shocking. The pizza however, tasted amazing. We learnt all about creating the various pasta shapes and enjoyed them over wine served with freshly made pesto. The weather, company and scenery made for the perfect end to our time in Rome.

once in rome cook school

Keep an eye out for the next posts coming up in the Italy travel diary series. I’d love to hear your experiences about Italy so please leave them in the comments below.




goal achieve and stop procrastinating


Just in case you missed it, last week Monach Airlines set me the challenge of giving up a regular activity in a bid to beat procrastination and achieve a goal. The aim was to make a start on doing something I’d always wanted to do. Have a read of my initial post here. This is how I got on.

The Goal:

My aim was to cut down on the number of films I watched in the evening whilst at home over the summer. Instead, I wanted to use the time to work on a novel that I’ve always wanted to write. Surprisingly, I struggled a lot more than I thought I would. Usually if I’m revising I find it quite easy to cut out distractions. Where there is a clear deadline and consequence to not revising there isn’t much option . However, it was so hard to cut out something I enjoyed in the short term to achieve something I wanted in the long run.

I might have lapsed a few times and watched more than one movie over the summer (oops)! That being said, I did reach some minor milestones regarding my novel. I swapped watching mindless TV for reading inspirational books or listening to audiobooks.  I finally got around to reading “A Cuckoo’s Calling” which I’ve loved so far.

In terms of my own writing, I’ve now finished chapter one and made a start on the second chapter. I’m fairly indecisive so it’s likely it will completely change by the time it’s finished but it is still progress!

Overall, I’ve been surprised by how much free time I was taking for granted and not actually putting to good use. I’m aiming to continue to set aside sometime at least once a week to continue writing. Although, no doubt it will get harder to juggle alongside university, work and the blog. Hopefully you’ve been inspired by the challenge. Let me know if you decide to set your own goal and what you want to cut down on to make time.



I recently decided to indulge in some Burberry makeup. I love using the Burberry Military Red lipstick that I was given last year. Hence, I was keen to try out some of the other pieces available from Burberry.

Burberry Makeup:

Burberry makeup review

It is without a doubt that Burberry always deliver on their packaging. The gorgeous limited edition gold packing for the Oxblood lipstick No.437 is no exception. The lipstick has a light creamy texture with smooth application. The vampy colour is ideal for evenings out and rather than causing the lips to dry out it leaves them nourished. The only downside to the product is that because it is fairly sheer the longevity isn’t amazing. I found that it does tend to transfer quite easily.

burberry makeup oxblood

I’m not the best are choosing nail varnish colours I stick to and enjoy wearing. Usually on the rare occasion I paint my nails, I tend to get bored of the colour. This is why I opted for a nude shade of nail varnish. I chose the Burberry nail polish in nude beige No.100. Having an innocuous colour means that it’s subtle and wearable throughout the year. The brushes are high quality, making for easy application.

My favourite Burberry purchase has to be the BB cream. Having a light weight application and coverage it is the perfect option for summer. I’ve found myself using the BB cream as part of my daily routine. The consistency is ideal for when you don’t want to opt for a full coverage heavy foundation. The product gives the skin a dewy, glowing finish and leaves the skin feeling hydrated throughout the day.

My Burberry Fragrance:

my burberry fragrance

I also invested in the classic My Burberry fragrance. With musky tones, I’d say it is more suitable to wear in the evenings and throughout Autumn/Winter. Rather than lighter fragrances the smell stays on the skin throughout the day. The fragrance can also be layered with the My Burberry deodorant that comes with it to increase the intensity. I’ve had so many compliments since wearing it. I would hugely recommend going into Burberry and giving it a try. Burberry also release a limited edition version around Christmas that contains gold flakes within the perfume.

Have you tried any of the Burberry range? What is your current go to scent?




A while back I had the chance to attend the opening of Decléor’s first standalone boutique and Decléor spa. Having previously stuck to drugstore skincare I was intrigued to see what Decléor had to offer.

Decléor Spa:

The flagship spa opened back in May and is located within walking distance of Notting Hill station. Sadly, in true English style the weather was terrible on the opening evening. With the torrential rain it was difficult to appreciate the most beautiful Spring flower gateway surrounding the entrance. Thankfully, Decléor have an image of the flowers on a rare day the sun is shining in London so you can appreciae the archway in all it’s glory.

decleor spa london notting hill

We were welcomed with kale and prosecco cocktails, because who wouldn’t want their drink to contain one of their five a day!? All of the canapes at the event were provided by NAMA. NAMA is a raw vegan food restaurant also based in Notting Hill. If you are ever in the area be sure to try their blueberry cheesecake, it is hard to believe it is completely dairy free as it is so velvety and smooth.

The boutique sells all of the Decléor range and offers bespoke skincare to suit a variety of skin needs. In addition to this, they have an incredible two room spa downstairs. Here they offer not only facials but also aromatherapy and back massages. They have a wide range of packages tailored for skin that needs some TLC. The spa is the ideal place to relax after the stresses of London life. The spa itself has an organic and fresh feel to reflect the natural products provided by Decléor.

One of the highlights of the event for me was the Decléor product pick and mix station. Having not tried the products previously, I was excited to give them a go.  I was interested to see if I noticed a difference in how my skin looked after using the products for a few months.

The Decléor Product Range:

decleor skincare range

There was a glass engraver Decléor spa opening who engraved my name into the Decléor signature product, the hydrating oil serum. I love the personalised touch on the simplistic packaging. Having oily skin I’ve always been very dubious about applying a facial oil as it feels almost counter-productive. However, I’ve been surprised by the results. I’ve added the serum to my daily routine, applying the oil in the evening after cleansing. The 100% natural oil soaks in quickly so it didn’t leave my skin feeling overly greasy and uncomfortable. Rather than leaving my skin feeling heavy, in the morning it felt hydrated and nourished.

decleor oil serum

My second favourite product is the 3 in 1 hydra-radiance smoothing and cleansing mousse. At first I was concerned that the cleanser was overly drying as it left my skin feeling slightly tight. After using the cleansing mousse my skin felt similar to after I’ve used a soap based products in the past. I stuck it out, preserved for a few weeks and found that it cleared up small blemishes whilst preventing excess shine.

Overall, at a slightly higher price point than drugstore skincare I would say it is worth making the investment. I would recommend the Decléor oil serum and cleansing mousse if you suffer with oily skin. The miniature products have lasted me over two months, so a little goes a long way.

Do let me know your thoughts on swapping your skincare around to a luxury brand and if you’ve tried any of the Decléor range.






So recently an email dropped into my inbox that left me rather intrigued. Receiving emails from PR companies and brands has to be one of my favourite things about blogging. It’s opened my eyes up to so many different opportunities.

Monach Airlines got in contact with me recently and have set me a challenge. The challenge is to cut down on the amount of time I spend procrastinating. As a student it is safe to say that procrastinating is one of my favourite past times. During exam season I go as far as cleaning the house to avoid revising. There are so many projects that I’ve wanted to get involved with over the years. However, I’ve always felt that I haven’t had the time. With studying dentistry, part time work and then maintaining some sort of social life, I always feel stretched for time. Which got me thinking, maybe there is something I could give up to make time for some of those things I’ve always wanted to do.

Monach airlines have launched a new feature on their website in which you input how long you spend doing an activity per week. The feature will then show you where you could have flown to in the world for the same amount of time.

The Challenge:

This week I will set about restricting the time I spend watching films. I’m an avid movie fan and love keeping up with the latest releases. This isn’t helped by the fact that I’m currently at the family home in Devon for the summer. My Dad invested in a 50 inch TV complete with a surround sound system a few years back. Usually when I’m at home for the summer holiday Mum and I watch something most evenings together (although she is rather sensitive to any movies that are too sad, too violent or too depressing so that somewhat narrows down the film selections).

My challenge is that I will only be watching one movie this week, hopefully a trip out to see Dunkirk as I’ve heard amazing thing! With the time I’ll have saved I will be setting about continuing work on my novel. I’ve had the story-line set out for around a year, written a synopsis and then started chapter one. Unfortunately, after that it was a bit of an abandoned project when other life tasks got in the way.

I’ll be posting an update next week to let you know how I get on, in the meantime wish me luck!