After years of anticipation and waiting for the release of the new Beauty and the Beast I finally got to see it last week. After having my doubts at the start of the movie, I got into it as the film progressed and by the end I didn’t want it to finish. The live action movie pays homage to the original released by Disney in 1991 in a spectacular way. The costumes mirroring those in the animation and of course the classic catchy songs (plus a few extras).

 The ballroom scene is as incredible as you’d dreamed.

I feel like it is only fitting that Emma Watson, a United Nations Women Goodwill Ambassador plays Belle who certainly doesn’t fit the bill of a traditional Disney princess. She defies the villagers views on how women should behave, refuses to settle for the men in her town and saves the day. All in all, a tale as old as time with a modern flair and new age spin. Save it for a day you just need to escape the trials and tribulations of daily life as you’ll be feeling optimistic and upbeat afterwards. *minor spoiler alert – if you don’t want anything to be given away before you’ve seen the movie, read this after*

Here are five life lessons from the new Beauty and the Beast film:

  1. Never Settle For Anyone Less Then Perfect – In the town Belle has a limited select of men to go for, Gaston the most “wanted” man in the town heavily pursues her but she thankfully never settles for him. By holding out she meets Beast who shares her interests in books and has the same outlook on life as Belle.
  2. If Everyone Thinks You’re Crazy, It’s Probably Them Not You – The town that Belle grows up in has backwards views compared to the society we live in now. At the time she is labelled as “weird” and “strange” because she enjoys reading and works as an inventor alongside her father. Rather than changing to fit the crowd Belle sticks to her values.
  3. Don’t Rely On Others To Do the Right Thing – Throughout the movie Belle takes it upon herself to do what she knows is right, often going against the majority. It’s important to stick to your morals and go out of your way to fix a problem rather than relying on others to fix it for you.
  4. Never Judge a Book By It’s Cover – Of course this is the key moral of the story. The Beast lived an extravagant life prior to being cursed, judging others by their appearances. He then has to learn the hard way that people should be valued on their integrity and beliefs.
  5. Push the Boundaries and Never Be Afraid to Question Others Views – The new film adds a scene in which Belle is punished for teaching a girl in the village to read. Rather than backing down, she argues the views of the villagers. Just because something is the view of society, it doesn’t always make it right.

Let me know if you guys have seen the new film and love it as much as I did. Hoping to write my thoughts on movies more regularly here on the blog. Still making my way through the Oscar nominations!



Having only been to the races once, a lifetime ago when I lived in Sydney, I was super excited to be invited to Cheltenham Festival by Ladbrokes for Ladies Day.  It’s something I’ve always wanted to do but never got around to organising for myself so when I was invited I couldn’t turn down the opportunity. It was a very early start to the day travelling from London and getting on the tube wearing my outfit for the races I looked particularly out of place amongst the early morning commuters.

Although the weather started off dubious, the sun came out in full force and it felt like the first day of Spring. We were invited by Ladbrokes, and given the full works for the day. On arrival we were treated to a four course a la carte lunch in the Festival Restaurant, complete with the most insane cheese board.

After watching the races on a screen throughout our lunch we decided to get a bit closer to the action and to give the whole betting thing a go. Although backing the favourite, my first bet didn’t go too well but thankfully the second horse I chose won! It was a small victory so I don’t think I’ll be leaving dental school anytime soon to pursue a career as a professional gambler.

The atmosphere at the races was incredible, our hospitality pass allowed us to access the parade paddock to see the horses and jockeys up close. We wondered around making the most of being close to the race course and chatting to cheery random race goers. There must be something about the sunshine, winning bets and a day of drinking that makes everyone you meet at the races super friendly.

Being Ladies Day, I couldn’t not wear a fascinator for the occasion. As the weather held out I opted for a pastel skirt and floaty top. Being ladies day there were some phenomenal hats on show and no shortage of tweed around.

I had such a fantastic day indulging in amazing food and meeting new bloggers. Thank you so much to the hospitality team in the Festival Restaurant for looking after us so well and to Ladbrokes, for those who want to try their luck on the horses future races to take part in can be found here. Thank you Carrie @CarrieRosePR for inviting us all and hosting such a spectacular event. I would certainly go back to the races, I had such a great time and was gutted for the day to be over.

Picture Courtesy of Hayley Joeann