Recipe – Winter Warming Salad

With London being so cold at the moment I’m finding it more difficult than ever to stay on track with the new year health drive. It’s difficult to stay motivated when winter screams comforting carb season. I created this recipe when I couldn’t bare to eat something cold in the evening but I’d been neglecting my vegetable consumption for the day so had some serious catching up to do.

Recipe serves 3-4 people.

You will need:
– 2 Courgettes
– 1 Bunch of Asparagus
– 1 Cup of Soya Beans
-1 Red Onion
– 1 Garlic Bulb
– 50ml of single or double cream (if you are feeling indulgent)
– 2 Tomatos
– 1 Ball of Mozzarella
– 1 Lemon
– Olive Oil
– 2 Rashers of Bacon (optional)

Start by dicing your red onion and mincing your garlic into small chunks. Fry these in a frying with some olive oil and cook until translucent.

Whilst these are cooking, spiralise your courgette into ribbons. If you don’t have a spiraliser, just cut the courgette into thin ribbons.

Break the asparagus into pieces around 3cm long. Add these to your frying pan with the red onion and garlic. Cut the bacon into small pieces and add these to the pan too. If you are veggie, skip this step. Leave until they are cooked through.

Once your bacon is cooked and your asparagus becomes soft, add in your courgette ribbons. Add 50ml of cream at this stage along with your soya beans. Season with salt and pepper. You want to cook this until the soya beans are cooked through and the cream begins to thicken.

To finish up add the juice of one lemon. Top your salad with torn bits of mozzarella and you are ready to serve!

This is a super quick and healthy meal to serve up in an evening. For those entertaining guests you can serve the salad as a side dish or even enjoy the leftovers cold the next day for a wholesome lunch.

Let me know if you give it a try!



  1. March 8, 2017 / 8:46 am

    It looks tasty & healthy 🙂

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