What I’ve Been Loving This Month – January Favourites

So January seems to have completely flown by and spending new years in Stockholm feels like it happened absolutely months ago! At lot of January has been spent trying to form new healthier habits, getting back into the swing of University and thinking ahead to preparing for exams. This month I’ve been to my first blogging events the #GoGlamGala hosted by Scarlett London and the Boomerang Britain exhibition. It’s been great meeting fellow bloggers, connecting with brands and getting out from behind my laptop.

I love writing monthly favourites and hopefully it’s a feature that you guys love too! Here are my top picks from January.

Tg Green Tea – I picked a few packets of these up at the Go Glam Gala and they are seriously good. These teas are completely organic and my favourite flavour is the jujube and osmanthus.

Nivea Oil Free Moisturiser –  I suffer with combination skin which can be a nightmare during winter. This moisturiser is the perfect balance of being hydrating but does not make the skin oily and leave you looking shiny.

Benefit 10 – Now sadly this product is discontinued, but thankfully there are still some available on amazon. Unlike most bronzers it has a subtle colour with a highlight shimmer. It makes for the perfect winter bronzer.

Candy Kittens – The guys at Candy Kittens gave me loads of samples to try of their different flavours. They contain natural colourings and natural flavourings. I seriously recommend you try the watermelon flavour.

Charlotte Tilbury, Glastonberry – I’ve been loving this lip colour over the winter months. It’s a dark berry colour that makes a change from wearing the usual red colour I opt for. I wore this with a green Topshop dress to the Go Glam Gala.

John Wicks Lean in 15 – It wouldn’t be January without a health drive. We’ve loved cooking from the first lean in 15 book and his third does not disappoint. His curry recipes are incredible, guilt free and definitely worth a try.

Grey’s Anatomy – Now I am WAY behind on the programme with this one but I’be been enjoying catching up with Grey’s Anatomy. I am only on season ten so I have some serious catching up to do but I’m not complaining.

Hope you guys are having a lovely 2017 so far!


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