Welcome back everyone! Hope you are all having a lovely November thus far.

This week I was lucky enough to be invited to try the seasonal vegetarian menu at Hard Rock Cafe London. I’ve visited a few Hard Rock Cafes around the world but never been to the original in London so I couldn’t turn down the offer. Since learning about the impact  eating meat has on the environment, I’ve made a conscious effort to have meat free days both for ecological and health reasons.  I was excited to see whether I would perhaps miss the original legendary burger that I usually opt for.

IMG_0487 (2).JPG

I decided to take my boyfriend as my plus one to the evening as I figured if he could be won over by a vegetarian menu then anyone could! We were greeted by the amazing team at Hard Rock who were super welcoming, enthusiastic and added to the lively, energetic atmosphere.  We were lucky enough to get Craig as our host who was extremely knowledgeable and talked us through the routes of Hard Rock Cafe. It was great to be sat in the original Hard Rock Cafe which opened back in 1971 and had regulars such as Eric Clapton back in the day.


We started our meal with vegetarian inspired cocktails. The Very Veggie’Tini made with cucumber, red onion, mint, lime juice, Greek yogurt and of course Tito’s handmade vodka. Followed by an alcohol free Wascally Wabbit made from carrot, apple and orange juice with a kick of ginger. Whilst we were slightly dubious about drinking a cocktail containing red onion, they were both delicious. So many cocktails taste overly sweet whereas these were both fresh and light, the perfect way to start a meal.


After enjoying our cocktails so much we were super excited to see what the food had in store. I went for the Cauliflower Burger whereas my boyfriend opted for the Grilled Ratatouille Wrap along with a side of potato skins (so not quite all meat free for him!).

The main thing that stands out about the Hard Rock Cafe vegetarian menu, which was created to celebrate Vegetarian Awareness Month, is that it does just that. Unlike some vegetarian options, it in no way shy’s away from being a pure celebration of vegetables.  We were slightly worried that without eating meat we might have left feeling slightly hungry but we certainly couldn’t manage anything else!

I was especially astounded by the Cauliflower Burger which honestly tasted incredible. Craig our host explained that the homemade burger involves a long complicated process to make – whatever their process, Hard Rock Cafe sure make a mean veggie friendly burger.


  Whilst unfortunately the limited time vegetarian menu is no longer available, I would still recommend dropping by to Hard Rock Cafe London to soak up some of the atmosphere and take a wonder around The Vault, a museum full of iconic music memorabilia.

Let me know if you take a visit!