Five Key Secrets To Being Happy


For me the main way I judge how my life is going is by asking myself if I am happy. Sometimes if you aren’t feeling 100% the cause is obvious, perhaps you’ve had a stressful day or someones upset you. Other times it’s only when you reflect on things that you might realise that you aren’t as happy in your life as you could be. Here are some of things that I’ve learnt keep me happy and make sure I know my life is going in the direction I want. Note – I do not claim to be an expert in any of this but hopefully sharing this post can help you in some way!


  1. Learn to Let Go – This is easier said then done but try not to dwell on things that have happened in the past. It is easy to obsess over mistakes we’ve made, missed opportunities or how things used to be in life. Looking back is only going to stop you progressing, by all means learn from your mistakes but don’t get hung up on them. Accept things in your past have happened and make a conscious decision to move on and look forward.
  2. Disregard Negativity – We are always going to focus on negative comments we recieve from other people but remember that these comments do not define you. It is easy to be overly critical of others and ourselves but having a positive attitude can change your outlook on life. One of the best ways of dealing with negativity is by approaching it with kindness.
  3. Surround Yourself With Inspirational People – Sometimes it’s a hard truth to face, but the best thing to do is only surround yoursef with positive people who inspire you and want the best for you. Ask yourself whether the people in your life currently are encouraging and help you to get the most out of life. If they aren’t speak to them about it or surround yourself with friends who do.
  4. Limit Social Media – Social media in our generation  is huge there is no two ways about it. So much of what we see through social media is selected to only show positive elements. This might be a friend you have on Facebook who seems to spend all of their life oin exotic locations or the Instagram account you follow of the girl who is never seen without make up or at an unflattering angle. Remember that social media does not reflect real life, this includes celebrities, bloggers and even our friends. Limit your usage and think about using it in a way that adds to your own life rather than detracts from it.
  5. Stay Active –  A quick way to reduce stress and release endorphins is to get in some exercise. Even if you aren’t overly into fitness getting out the house for a walk with a friend or doing a YouTube yoga video can really help. Personally I find if I haven’t exercised for a long period and have also been overindulging I lack energy and feel lethargic. The hardest part is starting exercise and getting out the house but once you’ve crossed that hurdle you will certainly feel better.

Let me know what you do to stay happy 🙂



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    Hey! I’m happy to tell you that I nominated you for the Liebster award 2016. If you’d like to participate then there’s more information on my latest post! X

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