It seems to be a slight tradition of mine that whenever I post a monthly favourites its at least a week late but I couldn’t miss writing about all of the things I have been enjoying this month.

  • The Breakfast Club – So thankfully I live very close to one of The Breakfast Club cafes. For those who haven’t been, they are 80’s themed cafes that serve incredible brunches and coffees in the cutest mugs. Its the perfect place to visit for a vibrant brunch with amazing music.breakfastclub
  • Bronzie – As some of you may have know I attended the Friends of Mahiki summer party  recently and they gave us a goodie bag as we were leaving. One of the items in this was a Bronzie tanning mitt and since giving it a try I haven’t looked back. It is so soft and allows you to tan your back without any help or streaks.
  • Miss Selfridge Shorts –  Whilst in Paris and over the summer I was loving these flowery Miss Selfridge shorts:
    Although mine in white are no longer available I have found these that are still available and are similar.
  • Burberry Lipstick – I was lucky enough to be brought the Burberry lip velvet lipstick in Military Red. I’ve always loved MAC’s Ruby Woo but not I think I might have a new favourite. The Burberry lipstick is much creamier and hydrating.
  • Stranger Things – Another 80’s themed favourite but this month I have been hooked on the Netflix original Stranger Things. Whilst it takes a little getting into the horror-science fiction series is certainly worth persevering with.
  • Paperchase Notepad and Pen – Sadly for me the summer is now over and it’s time to get back into the swing of student life which means organising my life, plenty of coffee and spending a lot more time in the library. My friends brought me this adorable matching notepad and pen, pretty stationary always helps with the motivation. stationary.PNG



So you may have noticed that London in the Nude has a new look. After starting the blog just a month ago I thought it was time to have a site that reflected who I am and what the blog is all about – sharing things in life that make me happy. I love water colours and  ethereal art so its amazing to have a logo that now reflects that.

Although my schedule has become a lot busier lately I am making sure that I set aside some time to enjoy my creative project blogging. I personally find that no matter where about you are in your career, finding time to do something you love will always make you feel better. Having a side project gives you something else to focus on and takes the day-to-day stress out of work as well as stopping life getting mundane.

One of the people in my life who is particularly good at this (sometimes too good to the point of procrastination!) is my sister. She is currently completing the “drawing a day” challenge whilst living in Canada. Make sure you follow her instagram over at @jessbooth to keep up with her progress and she also posts some pretty amazing landscape photographs from all over the world.

 Images courtesy of @jessbooth

Don’t wait until you have time to pursue your own hobbies because it will never happen, make time!




So it’s no secret amongst my friends that I love a night out in Mahiki. I just can’t get enough of themed clubs and Mahiki is a personal favourite of mine. With amazing music and cocktail sharers that you just have to try Mahiki always makes for a great night.

This summer I joined the friends of Mahiki scheme. I was invited to the End of Summer party last week which started at 7pm and saw the lowest floor of the club changed into every girls dream.

Walking into the club we were greeted with Lola’s cupcakes which made the perfect addition to our Mahiki Pina Colada Pineapples. There were plenty of brands around and it was great chatting with them and discovering some new beauty products.

It was the ultimate girls’ night and three of my lovely friends joined me for the party. We had our nails done by WAH nails and there was also a pop up braid bar.

Then of course it was on to the photo booth which we certainly made the most of.


Friends of Mahiki gave us each an amazing goodie bag filled with the brands that every girl needs such as Madame La La, Five Guys, Nair and Batiste. I have to say that I am now slightly obsessed with the Bronzie tanning mitt. For those who haven’t tried it yet, go and grab one. You’ll never have to ask someone to tan your back again, independence ladies!


Image courtesy of Mahiki

Let me know if you guys head out to Mahiki.


After spending two days in Disneyland Paris we headed to central Paris to explore for two days. We traveled to and from Paris via the Eurostar which was super easy from London as you don’t need to worry about checking in baggage or travelling to a distant airport.

During our stay we used AirBnB, our host was so lovely and gave us some tips and advice about what to see in Paris and where to visit. The apartment was in Saint-Germain-des-Pres which is home to a beautiful ivy cover Abbey, great cafes and plenty of designer stores.

Here are my tips for those visiting Paris:

  1. Make sure you see all the iconic landmarks – whilst I have been up the Eiffel Tower before one of the best ways to admire it is from the gardens below. This is also the same for the Lourve Museum which can become stressful and overly crowded with tourists.
  2. Sunbath by the Sacre Coeur – from the church you can see all of the major landmarks in Paris, make some time in your schedule to relax and admire the views. BEWARE of pickpockets around here though as there are plenty of them.
  3. Use the metro – the double decker metros are super easy to use throughout Paris and make for a cheaper holiday.  Use Citymapper to navigate your way around and by tickets in a block of ten to get the most from your euros.
  4. Have crepes for breakfast – where else in the world is it acceptable to consume so many calories for breakfast? There’s plenty of amazing creperies around Odeon, my personal favourite being nutella and strawberry.
  5. Consume as much cheese as possible – there’s no two ways about it France has an amazing selection of cheeses. On our last day we visited Pain Vin Fromages for tartiflette (a dish made with potatoes, reblochon cheese, lardons and onions). They also serve incredible cheese fondues.
  6. Brush up on your French – whilst it is possible to get by with no French, get the most out of your trip by experiencing the culture and learning the language. No one expects you to be fluent but will appreciate you making the effort. Try Duolingo to learn French before your trip.

Have you guys visited Paris? What were your favourite experiences?


I had the amazing opportunity to go to Disneyland Paris this year to celebrate my birthday and where do I start – it was amazing!! It was over 30 degrees the whole time we were in Paris which made for an incredible weekend. Here are my top tips if you are visiting Disneyland yourself soon:

1) Plan, Plan, Plan. There’s a schedule online that gives you a list of the shows and parades that are on in the two parks. My top picks would be the Disney parade, Disney Dreams and Mickey and the Magician over in the Walt Disney Studios (featuring Olaf!). Factor these in to your trip so you can make the most of the parks.

2) Get to the popular rides first. We made a dash for Crush’s coaster in the Walt Disney Studios as it is always popular with long queues and no fast pass option (more of that below). It was our favourite ride so you have to go and check it out.

3) Wear good shoes! Although there is a Disneyland train you’ll end up walking lots around the park so make sure you wear something comfortable. There’s nothing worse than having rubbing shoes if you are trying to enjoy yourself.

4) Take advantage of the fast pass. You can get free fast pass tickets by scanning your park tickets at the ride entrance. We used these for the Peter Pan’s flight ride which is always super busy but the ride is worth it, especially the flight over London.

5) Keep a bag full of snacks. When visited Disneyland Paris it was ridiculously hot. With the park open from 10 to 11 (depending on the season) it certainly makes for a long day, keep snacks and drinks with you to have in the queue to pass the time.

Have any of you guys visited Disneyland Paris? Check out my vlog below to see what we got up to!