An Invisalign 101


I’ve now been undergoing Invisalign treatment for almost two years and although in many aspects time has flown by it is certainly starting to drag. Initially, my treatment was due to finish around six months ago. However, my dentist and I have continually not been happy with the results. So, I am now on my second set of refinements with hopefully only another three months left and aiming to have perfect teeth by Christmas. Here are my honest opinions and FAQ on Invisalign:

Why Did You Decide To Have Invisalign and Not Traditional Braces? I was offered braces on the NHS as a teenager but I felt too self conscious to commit to having metal on my teeth at the time. Growing up I was always unhappy with how my teeth looked so I decided to invest in Invisalign treatment at Pearl Dental Clinic. I felt too old to have fixed braces and wanted braces that I could remove for my graduation or an evening out.

Is Invisalign Painful? Invisalign can be painful especially during the first few days of wearing a new retainer. In addition to this, the dentist may shave between your teeth to create space to allow the teeth to move in treatment. Whilst this isn’t painful it’s not the most pleasant experience.

How Long Will Invisalign Take? This depends on what your teeth are like prior to treatment, some cases take only a few months where as other more complex cases can take over a year. Another factor that influences progression is how compliant you are with wearing your retainers. They should be worn for 22 hours everyday otherwise your treatment could take longer than expected.

How Does Invisalign Affect Day-To-Day Life? Invisalign is a long process and it is difficult to stay motivated sometimes. Wearing plastic retainers all day can be frustrating, especially having to take them out to eat and drink in public. My downfall is forgetting to put them back in afterwards. After you finish your treatment you will need to wear a retainer at night, every night for the rest of your life to stop your teeth moving back or you can opt from a fixed retainer on the back of your teeth.

Would I Recommend Invisalign To A Friend? In short, yes. I felt very self-conscious about my teeth prior to treatment but now I actually have the confidence to smile in photos and it has changed my face shape. Invisalign isn’t always suitable for every case so it is important to find a dentist you trust with experience and make sure the outcome you want is achievable.


These are my most recent before/after pictures. I’ll post an update again once I’ve finished my treatment and post-invisalign whitening. I’m also due to have composite veneers to correct the tooth wear I’ve suffered through night grinding – more on that later!


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