Making the Most of University and Settling In

Believe it or not but I am actually crazy enough to have signed up to do two degrees, which means I’ve now been a Fresher twice. No amount of advice can prepare you for starting University┬ábut hopefully this guide will help you along the way and give you some tips that I have discovered myself during my time at University.

  1. Make Your Room a Home Away From Home – A key part of settling in is making sure your new room feels like home. Pack loads of things to personalise your room with such as photos, a new duvet set or some fairy lights. Having a room that you love will make such a difference and can stop you feeling home sick .
  2. Get Out There and Make the Effort – Starting University is an opportunity to develop new hobbies and meet new people. Get out there in the first few months and make the effort. That way by the end of the year you will have formed great connections that will carry you through your degree. Speaking from experience, those who I know have struggled at University are often the ones who spend many weekends at home or hiding away in their rooms becoming socially isolated.
  3. Continue With Your Routine – It is easy at University to get into the habit of staying out late, sleeping in and generally becoming a bit nocturnal. Try to keep up your habits or start going for a morning run. You will find your days become much more productive and you have a more positive attitude.
  4. Stay On Top Of Your Finances – University is usually the first time that you are in charge of your day to day finances and living costs. Sadly its a hard hitting reality that you wont be able to spend your loan shopping and getting carried away in Topshop! Set yourself and weekly or monthly budget and make sure you keep checking in with your finances to avoid any nasty surprises.
  5. Form Meaningful Connections – Being away from home is difficult for everyone at University. Your friends and flatmates quickly become the equivalent of your family.Whilst you probably wont stay close with the randomers you meet in Freshers week you will certainly meet amazing friends along the way. Don’t hold on to your previous life at school and live in the past, embrace your new situation and make the most of it. Say yes to social gatherings and look out for those around you.friends

    How did you guys find settling into University or a new area? Good luck to all those starting this year.


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