5 Tips To Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals


I was lucky enough to be given personal training sessions for my birthday this year so I’ve caught the fitness bug again. Whilst I have previously enjoyed fitness and clean eating I tend to go through periods where I find it hard to commit and stay motivated. Here at five key tips that will help you to achieve your fitness goals and stick to a healthier lifestyle.

1) Pick Achievable Goals – Don’t go by the bathroom scales to measure your achievements. Take before and after photos or measurements. Better still, go by how you feel and how much more you can push yourself during a workout. I like using the Nike Run app to track my progress and beat my running goals.

2) Mix It Up – Don’t get into too much of a fitness routine. Whilst it is easy to stick to one type of workout your body and mind will get used to it and this can hinder your results. Try to do a variety of workouts which don’t always have to be super high intensity. Sometimes an after work walk is just as beneficial.

3) Find A Workout Buddy – Working out with a friend will help you to push yourself and stop you from bailing on a workout. I enjoy getting together with a friend in the park and creating our own circuits and paired routines.

4) Stay Inspired – Find someone who inspires you. This can be a friend who you look up to, an Olympian or one of the many fitness models on Instagram. I admire Tyrone Brennand over at Be The Fittest who always has a positive outlook and encourages all of his clients to push themselves (including MIC’s Binky).

5) Get Outside – I LOVE working out outside at the moment.It is the most ideal weather in British Autumn, not too sweaty and thankfully not too much rain at the moment either. Getting outside to workout is more relaxing so try to run outside or do some HIIT in the park.

How do you guys like to workout, what do you find works best for you?


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