Let’s Talk About Sleep


Whilst we all know that sleep is important we are all guilty of burning the midnight oil every once in awhile when we’ve misjudged a deadline. This guide will hopefully give you a few pointers to improve your sleep patterns and make sure that when you do sleep you get a good nights rest.

  1. Leave Your Phone, Laptop and iPad Out of the Bedroom – This is something I can’t say I practice myself but with social media being 24/7 it is certainly impacting on our sleep. Blue light (hello Twitter and Facebook) has been shown by experts to keep us awake and prevent our brains from getting a decent nights sleep. Try out an app that blocks out blue light before bed. 
  2. Practice a Bedtime Routine – I like to unwind with a herbal tea whilst sitting in my PJs but find something that works for you. Following a routine will allow your body to know when it is time for bed and you will soon find yourself feeling sleeping.
  3. Cut Out The Caffeine Past Five – In the run up to exams or a deadline I’ve often reached for the Red Bull during an evening working in the library. However, drinking caffeine past 5 can stimulate the brain and prevent you from feeling tired at a natural time. Try swapping your coffee for a ginger tea or trying out Redbush tea.
  4. Exercise – Getting a workout in during the day can do wonders for your sleep. Not only will in wear you out making falling asleep much easy, exercise also helps you to de-stress putting you in a positive mood and helping you to relax at night.
  5. Get Comfortable – Make sure that your bedroom is the perfect sleeping location. This may mean turning your mattress, buying new pillows or making your room more personal. Whilst you sleep your room should be as dark as possible and kept cool so think about sleeping with the window open or investing in a fan.
  6. Schedule Some Worry Time – This might sound like a strange one but scheduling in a few minutes each day to worry about the future stops those worries from creeping in when you are trying to sleep. Write yourself a to-do list during the day so you don’t have to stress about it at night.

What helps you guys get a good nights sleep? Be sure to leave your suggestions in the comments below.



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