A Fresh Look and Making Time To Do the Things You Love


So you may have noticed that London in the Nude has a new look. After starting the blog just a month ago I thought it was time to have a site that reflected who I am and what the blog is all about – sharing things in life that make me happy. I love water colours and  ethereal art so its amazing to have a logo that now reflects that.

Although my schedule has become a lot busier lately I am making sure that I set aside some time to enjoy my creative project blogging. I personally find that no matter where about you are in your career, finding time to do something you love will always make you feel better. Having a side project gives you something else to focus on and takes the day-to-day stress out of work as well as stopping life getting mundane.

One of the people in my life who is particularly good at this (sometimes too good to the point of procrastination!) is my sister. She is currently completing the “drawing a day” challenge whilst living in Canada. Make sure you follow her instagram over at @jessbooth to keep up with her progress and she also posts some pretty amazing landscape photographs from all over the world.

 Images courtesy of @jessbooth

Don’t wait until you have time to pursue your own hobbies because it will never happen, make time!


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