Friends of Mahiki – A Night In Tiki Paradise



So it’s no secret amongst my friends that I love a night out in Mahiki. I just can’t get enough of themed clubs and Mahiki is a personal favourite of mine. With amazing music and cocktail sharers that you just have to try Mahiki always makes for a great night.

This summer I joined the friends of Mahiki scheme. I was invited to the End of Summer party last week which started at 7pm and saw the lowest floor of the club changed into every girls dream.

Walking into the club we were greeted with Lola’s cupcakes which made the perfect addition to our Mahiki Pina Colada Pineapples. There were plenty of brands around and it was great chatting with them and discovering some new beauty products.

It was the ultimate girls’ night and three of my lovely friends joined me for the party. We had our nails done by WAH nails and there was also a pop up braid bar.

Then of course it was on to the photo booth which we certainly made the most of.


Friends of Mahiki gave us each an amazing goodie bag filled with the brands that every girl needs such as Madame La La, Five Guys, Nair and Batiste. I have to say that I am now slightly obsessed with the Bronzie tanning mitt. For those who haven’t tried it yet, go and grab one. You’ll never have to ask someone to tan your back again, independence ladies!


Image courtesy of Mahiki

Let me know if you guys head out to Mahiki.


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