I’ve now been undergoing Invisalign treatment for almost two years and although in many aspects time has flown by it is certainly starting to drag. Initially, my treatment was due to finish around six months ago. However, my dentist and I have continually not been happy with the results. So, I am now on my second set of refinements with hopefully only another three months left and aiming to have perfect teeth by Christmas. Here are my honest opinions and FAQ on Invisalign:

Why Did You Decide To Have Invisalign and Not Traditional Braces? I was offered braces on the NHS as a teenager but I felt too self conscious to commit to having metal on my teeth at the time. Growing up I was always unhappy with how my teeth looked so I decided to invest in Invisalign treatment at Pearl Dental Clinic. I felt too old to have fixed braces and wanted braces that I could remove for my graduation or an evening out.

Is Invisalign Painful? Invisalign can be painful especially during the first few days of wearing a new retainer. In addition to this, the dentist may shave between your teeth to create space to allow the teeth to move in treatment. Whilst this isn’t painful it’s not the most pleasant experience.

How Long Will Invisalign Take? This depends on what your teeth are like prior to treatment, some cases take only a few months where as other more complex cases can take over a year. Another factor that influences progression is how compliant you are with wearing your retainers. They should be worn for 22 hours everyday otherwise your treatment could take longer than expected.

How Does Invisalign Affect Day-To-Day Life? Invisalign is a long process and it is difficult to stay motivated sometimes. Wearing plastic retainers all day can be frustrating, especially having to take them out to eat and drink in public. My downfall is forgetting to put them back in afterwards. After you finish your treatment you will need to wear a retainer at night, every night for the rest of your life to stop your teeth moving back or you can opt from a fixed retainer on the back of your teeth.

Would I Recommend Invisalign To A Friend? In short, yes. I felt very self-conscious about my teeth prior to treatment but now I actually have the confidence to smile in photos and it has changed my face shape. Invisalign isn’t always suitable for every case so it is important to find a dentist you trust with experience and make sure the outcome you want is achievable.


These are my most recent before/after pictures. I’ll post an update again once I’ve finished my treatment and post-invisalign whitening. I’m also due to have composite veneers to correct the tooth wear I’ve suffered through night grinding – more on that later!


Believe it or not but I am actually crazy enough to have signed up to do two degrees, which means I’ve now been a Fresher twice. No amount of advice can prepare you for starting University but hopefully this guide will help you along the way and give you some tips that I have discovered myself during my time at University.

  1. Make Your Room a Home Away From Home – A key part of settling in is making sure your new room feels like home. Pack loads of things to personalise your room with such as photos, a new duvet set or some fairy lights. Having a room that you love will make such a difference and can stop you feeling home sick .
  2. Get Out There and Make the Effort – Starting University is an opportunity to develop new hobbies and meet new people. Get out there in the first few months and make the effort. That way by the end of the year you will have formed great connections that will carry you through your degree. Speaking from experience, those who I know have struggled at University are often the ones who spend many weekends at home or hiding away in their rooms becoming socially isolated.
  3. Continue With Your Routine – It is easy at University to get into the habit of staying out late, sleeping in and generally becoming a bit nocturnal. Try to keep up your habits or start going for a morning run. You will find your days become much more productive and you have a more positive attitude.
  4. Stay On Top Of Your Finances – University is usually the first time that you are in charge of your day to day finances and living costs. Sadly its a hard hitting reality that you wont be able to spend your loan shopping and getting carried away in Topshop! Set yourself and weekly or monthly budget and make sure you keep checking in with your finances to avoid any nasty surprises.
  5. Form Meaningful Connections – Being away from home is difficult for everyone at University. Your friends and flatmates quickly become the equivalent of your family.Whilst you probably wont stay close with the randomers you meet in Freshers week you will certainly meet amazing friends along the way. Don’t hold on to your previous life at school and live in the past, embrace your new situation and make the most of it. Say yes to social gatherings and look out for those around you.friends

    How did you guys find settling into University or a new area? Good luck to all those starting this year.



I was lucky enough to be given personal training sessions for my birthday this year so I’ve caught the fitness bug again. Whilst I have previously enjoyed fitness and clean eating I tend to go through periods where I find it hard to commit and stay motivated. Here at five key tips that will help you to achieve your fitness goals and stick to a healthier lifestyle.

1) Pick Achievable Goals – Don’t go by the bathroom scales to measure your achievements. Take before and after photos or measurements. Better still, go by how you feel and how much more you can push yourself during a workout. I like using the Nike Run app to track my progress and beat my running goals.

2) Mix It Up – Don’t get into too much of a fitness routine. Whilst it is easy to stick to one type of workout your body and mind will get used to it and this can hinder your results. Try to do a variety of workouts which don’t always have to be super high intensity. Sometimes an after work walk is just as beneficial.

3) Find A Workout Buddy – Working out with a friend will help you to push yourself and stop you from bailing on a workout. I enjoy getting together with a friend in the park and creating our own circuits and paired routines.

4) Stay Inspired – Find someone who inspires you. This can be a friend who you look up to, an Olympian or one of the many fitness models on Instagram. I admire Tyrone Brennand over at Be The Fittest who always has a positive outlook and encourages all of his clients to push themselves (including MIC’s Binky).

5) Get Outside – I LOVE working out outside at the moment.It is the most ideal weather in British Autumn, not too sweaty and thankfully not too much rain at the moment either. Getting outside to workout is more relaxing so try to run outside or do some HIIT in the park.

How do you guys like to workout, what do you find works best for you?


I love nothing more than a girly sleepover with movies, PJs and plenty of snacks. This guide gives you everything you need for the ideal, luxury girls night in.

  1. The Perfect Pyjamas – The Reach London produce high quality luxury pyjamas with a classic cut and in luxurious cottons such as Pima Cotton Lawn. The pyjamas which are made in a factory in the UK also supplying the likes of Victoria Beckham and Burberry come in a variety of colours and prints.
  2. The Ultimate Girls Film – It wouldn’t be a girl’s sleepover without a chick flick. My favourite of all time is Mean Girls, you go Glen Coco!
  3. Feel Good Snacks – It wouldn’t be a girly sleepover without a few guilty snacks. It’s a great opportunity to get baking together. I LOVE anything with peanut butter, so why not try creating these cute cookies from Jamie Oliver?
  4. Cute Sleep Accessories – A pyjama party wouldn’t be complete without some sleep accessories. My favourites are these super fluffy white slipper socks and this pug eye mask.



Whilst we all know that sleep is important we are all guilty of burning the midnight oil every once in awhile when we’ve misjudged a deadline. This guide will hopefully give you a few pointers to improve your sleep patterns and make sure that when you do sleep you get a good nights rest.

  1. Leave Your Phone, Laptop and iPad Out of the Bedroom – This is something I can’t say I practice myself but with social media being 24/7 it is certainly impacting on our sleep. Blue light (hello Twitter and Facebook) has been shown by experts to keep us awake and prevent our brains from getting a decent nights sleep. Try out an app that blocks out blue light before bed. 
  2. Practice a Bedtime Routine – I like to unwind with a herbal tea whilst sitting in my PJs but find something that works for you. Following a routine will allow your body to know when it is time for bed and you will soon find yourself feeling sleeping.
  3. Cut Out The Caffeine Past Five – In the run up to exams or a deadline I’ve often reached for the Red Bull during an evening working in the library. However, drinking caffeine past 5 can stimulate the brain and prevent you from feeling tired at a natural time. Try swapping your coffee for a ginger tea or trying out Redbush tea.
  4. Exercise – Getting a workout in during the day can do wonders for your sleep. Not only will in wear you out making falling asleep much easy, exercise also helps you to de-stress putting you in a positive mood and helping you to relax at night.
  5. Get Comfortable – Make sure that your bedroom is the perfect sleeping location. This may mean turning your mattress, buying new pillows or making your room more personal. Whilst you sleep your room should be as dark as possible and kept cool so think about sleeping with the window open or investing in a fan.
  6. Schedule Some Worry Time – This might sound like a strange one but scheduling in a few minutes each day to worry about the future stops those worries from creeping in when you are trying to sleep. Write yourself a to-do list during the day so you don’t have to stress about it at night.

What helps you guys get a good nights sleep? Be sure to leave your suggestions in the comments below.