Festival Essentials

This weekend I was lucky enough to go to V Festival in Chelmsford, Essex. I’ve been more times than I can remember now which means that I am probably getting older than I’d like to admit but V Festival always lives up to my expectations. This year Justin Bieber and Rihanna were headlining so how could I miss it?


Here are my necessities for surviving a festival:

  • Dry shampoo is your best friend – although this year I was lucky enough to be staying in a warm cosy house just opposite the site, if you are camping dry shampoo is a must have. My absolute favourite is the Bastiste Dry Shampoo XXL.
  • Rock the festival braids – since Kim Kardashian started rocking the braids there has been no looking back. What a better way to manage your hair when there’s no access to straighteners than with braids. For those who are adventurous add some glitter and work the glitter roots look.


  • Prepare for all types of weather – the weather at V festival this year was certainly variable. I might sound like your mum here but pack something waterproof and layer up. There’s nothing more miserable than being soaked all day with nowhere to warm up. I love this one that’s available from Asos:


  • It’s all about the bun – I’m a sucker for all things 90’s and ever since Jess Woodley worked the double bun look on made in Chelsea I’ve been envious. Whilst I wasn’t quite brave enough to go for the double bun I did opt for a half bun (the hun) on day two of the festival.


  • Go bold – festivals are the perfect time to push fashion boundaries and be a bit crazier than usual. I love bright lip colours especially when they are matte. I go for the Maybelline Colour Sensational lipstick in Divine Wine, its creamy and the colour stays on for hours which is ideal when you’re at a festival drinking most of the day!

P.S For those wondering sadly Justin Bieber did not live up to the hype but thankfully Bad Girl Riri was #goals



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