How To Spend An English Summer


The Best Way To Spend Your Summer

With it being summer here in the UK I was super keen to finally getting around to doing all of those things I wanted to do during the academic year. Studying at University can be stressful and chaotic so here are my favourite things to do over summer when the budget doesn’t quite stretch to a trip abroad. Sometimes it’s the little things in life that matter!

Eat Loads of Strawberries, Or Even Better Pick Your Own – Nothing says summer in England like strawberries with ice cream. They are ample strawberries around as they are in season so summer is the ideal time to make the most of it.  Many farms host a pick your own which is a great way to spend the day with friends then then enjoy the strawberries later.


Catch Up With Old Friends – Summer is a great time to make time to see old friends, meet people for a coffee or visit places you went to when you were younger. It’s always great to see how old friends are doing and they can instantly make you feel better.

Whack on a Sunhat – the English summer can be deceiving but it has certainly been hot this year. Make sure that you protect yourself with at least a factor 15 sun cream especially on your face to prevent premature ageing. The ideal accessory is a sunhat to protect yourself from the sun and sunstroke as well as being a great addition to an outfit. This hat from Etsy Hat can be customised to say anything you like, how cool!


Treat Yourself – You might not be on holiday but it doesn’t mean you can’t act like you are. Indulge in a relaxation night with some lush bath bombs, my favourite is The Experimenter with is vivid colours and vanilla scent it’s perfect for summer. Then follow it up with a layer of gradual tan, I love the Dove Summer Glow although beware of the slight smell that seems to come with all tanning products.


Learn a New Skill – I have always wanted to learn a foreign language and write a book so what a better time to start than over the summer. The initial hump in the learning process is often the hardest so work on your goals over the summer. Everything is achievable just make a plan and break it down into small tasks. I’ve started by writing the synopsis for my book and then character profiles. As with learning a language I am now addicted to Duolingo and my French is coming along nicely, I couldn’t recommend it enough – c’est bien!

What is your favourite thing to do in the summer?


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