This weekend I was lucky enough to go to V Festival in Chelmsford, Essex. I’ve been more times than I can remember now which means that I am probably getting older than I’d like to admit but V Festival always lives up to my expectations. This year Justin Bieber and Rihanna were headlining so how could I miss it?


Here are my necessities for surviving a festival:

  • Dry shampoo is your best friend – although this year I was lucky enough to be staying in a warm cosy house just opposite the site, if you are camping dry shampoo is a must have. My absolute favourite is the Bastiste Dry Shampoo XXL.
  • Rock the festival braids – since Kim Kardashian started rocking the braids there has been no looking back. What a better way to manage your hair when there’s no access to straighteners than with braids. For those who are adventurous add some glitter and work the glitter roots look.


  • Prepare for all types of weather – the weather at V festival this year was certainly variable. I might sound like your mum here but pack something waterproof and layer up. There’s nothing more miserable than being soaked all day with nowhere to warm up. I love this one that’s available from Asos:


  • It’s all about the bun – I’m a sucker for all things 90’s and ever since Jess Woodley worked the double bun look on made in Chelsea I’ve been envious. Whilst I wasn’t quite brave enough to go for the double bun I did opt for a half bun (the hun) on day two of the festival.


  • Go bold – festivals are the perfect time to push fashion boundaries and be a bit crazier than usual. I love bright lip colours especially when they are matte. I go for the Maybelline Colour Sensational lipstick in Divine Wine, its creamy and the colour stays on for hours which is ideal when you’re at a festival drinking most of the day!

P.S For those wondering sadly Justin Bieber did not live up to the hype but thankfully Bad Girl Riri was #goals




In London yesterday we had a scorcher of a day, so what better way to take advantage of the weather than hosting a BBQ in the sun. I whipped up this super easy salad to go alongside the strawberry wine and BBQ meat selection which went down a treat. Thankfully there was just enough left for me to enjoy again for lunch.

The Italian inspired salad is vegetarian, healthy and simple to put together, let me know if you try it!

– Quiona

– Red Lentils

– Avocado

– Crushed almonds

– Pine nuts

– Capers

– Courgette ribbons

– Boursin

– Olive oil

– Tobasco



The Best Way To Spend Your Summer

With it being summer here in the UK I was super keen to finally getting around to doing all of those things I wanted to do during the academic year. Studying at University can be stressful and chaotic so here are my favourite things to do over summer when the budget doesn’t quite stretch to a trip abroad. Sometimes it’s the little things in life that matter!

Eat Loads of Strawberries, Or Even Better Pick Your Own – Nothing says summer in England like strawberries with ice cream. They are ample strawberries around as they are in season so summer is the ideal time to make the most of it.  Many farms host a pick your own which is a great way to spend the day with friends then then enjoy the strawberries later.


Catch Up With Old Friends – Summer is a great time to make time to see old friends, meet people for a coffee or visit places you went to when you were younger. It’s always great to see how old friends are doing and they can instantly make you feel better.

Whack on a Sunhat – the English summer can be deceiving but it has certainly been hot this year. Make sure that you protect yourself with at least a factor 15 sun cream especially on your face to prevent premature ageing. The ideal accessory is a sunhat to protect yourself from the sun and sunstroke as well as being a great addition to an outfit. This hat from Etsy Hat can be customised to say anything you like, how cool!


Treat Yourself – You might not be on holiday but it doesn’t mean you can’t act like you are. Indulge in a relaxation night with some lush bath bombs, my favourite is The Experimenter with is vivid colours and vanilla scent it’s perfect for summer. Then follow it up with a layer of gradual tan, I love the Dove Summer Glow although beware of the slight smell that seems to come with all tanning products.


Learn a New Skill – I have always wanted to learn a foreign language and write a book so what a better time to start than over the summer. The initial hump in the learning process is often the hardest so work on your goals over the summer. Everything is achievable just make a plan and break it down into small tasks. I’ve started by writing the synopsis for my book and then character profiles. As with learning a language I am now addicted to Duolingo and my French is coming along nicely, I couldn’t recommend it enough – c’est bien!

What is your favourite thing to do in the summer?


heartThings I Am Loving In July

So perhaps this is somewhat late to be posting considering we are now midway through August but here are my monthly favourites for July:

  • Invisibilia Podcast – A podcast that covers all of the invisible forces that control human behaviour. It really is a podcast that makes you think of all the things in life that distinguishes us as humans. My favourite episode “The Secret History of Thoughts” follows the story of Martin Pistorius a man who lived with locked-in syndrome. The episode is truly inspirational and I can’t wait to get my hands on his autobiography “Ghost Boy”. So amazing to hear from such an incredible man with compassion that overcame huge adversity.
  • The Food Medic – I can’t get enough of catching up with what Hazel Wallace is up to, does that girl ever stop? Her recipes are balanced, easy to create and perfect for people that are super busy. Check out her page and I especially recommend the Beetroot Dip.
  • L’Oreal Paris False Lash Sculpt Mascara – I usually use the classic benefit “they’re real” mascara but after getting fed up of hefty price tag along with the fact that it constantly dried out I decided to switch. After reading a lot of hype about the False Lash Sculpt I decided to give it a go. I can definitely say that it lives up to my expectations. A little goes a long with this mascara and it leaves your lashes looking full without being heavily coated. Give it a go and let me know what you think!
  • Summer Dresses – With summer in full swing I have been investing in floral tea dresses. Nothing screams summer like a bright print dress. Here are two of my favourites from Topshop:
  • Sunglasses – Of course, it would not be summer is the sunglasses weren’t out. I am loving oversized sunnies with a cat eye flair, even better if they are in tortoise shell. I find Urban Outfitters have a great collection at the moment with many now in the sale.




I visited Bali over the Easter period a few years ago and it is certainly one of my favourite places on Earth. Whilst it is quickly becoming more popular with tourists it is still a must visit. The locals are friendly, there are sunsets to die for and the culture is thriving. Here is my list of the top five things you must do when you visit Bali/Indonesia.

1) Relax and Watch the Sunset on Gili Air – one of the three Gili islands, Gili Air is ideal for those who want to relax. The island has a more chilled out vibe than Gili T and is certainly ideal of unwinding.

2) Experience Culture in Ubud – we stopped off in Ubud and tried the infamous Kopi Luwak coffee (yes it is coffee made from harvested Civet Cat poo!), visited the rice terraces and admired the amazing view of the jungle from our hotel room.

3) Party and Snorkel on Gili Trawangan – an island off the coast of Bali with some of the most incredible beaches I’ve ever seen. We saw turtles off the shore, drank endless cocktails and cycled around the island.

4) Visit a Temple – Bali is full of ancient temples with amazing stone carvings. It is important to make sure that you are modestly dresses prior to visiting so do look into the dress code.

5) Give Potato Head Beach Club My Regards – our favourite place to eat that serves insanely good chicken satay. I’d recommend booking but they do serve epic cocktails so sometimes it’s a bonus having to wait! Great location right on the beach and with a stunning swimming pool to boot.

Have any of you visited Bali, is it on your to-visit list?